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2015 Mimir Sculpture

Mimir Sculpture 2015

Mimir features an artist's work every year as part of its chamber music festival. This year the 2015 Mimir Sculpture is a strikingly beautiful piece entitled "Affection" by Philippe Guillerm.

About Philippe Guillerm

Art and music are more direct languages than spoken or written words could ever be, and my sculptures sing. I’ve always wanted to send a message that could be accessible to all. My goal is that a person who is walking on the street, very busy, will stop and take a few minutes of his time to appreciate my work and understand my message.

My family is originally from Brittany, or “Land of the sea”, where the people traditionally worked as sailors and fishermen. I went to school for engineering, following my father’s vocation. But I grew up surrounded by art in Paris, and my training, along with helping my father build furniture and boats prepared me to compose. “I think that if I had chosen art studies, I would probably not be so original and probably be more classically oriented. Besides, “an artist is like a scientist, always researching”!

Philippe Guillerm

With my heritage and a lifetime of summer sailing I left France at 21 years old, for a trip that left no doubt in my mind that I wanted to live on the sea and work on creating pieces of art that would challenge me in every way. Every sculpture takes me to another one harder, funnier, sadder: it is an intellectual work. I also try to have a touch of surrealism and humor (it is my nature). My instrument-like figures melt into human emotions, morphing with human anatomy, and altogether entrancing art-circuit goers. I see wood as paint, warmly harmonizing with life, and my pieces speak with eloquent lyrics. Music is a part of my life and depending on my mood is my principal inspiration. When I was young, I used to play the guitar and the violin, but after a while I completely stopped: I was not good at all. It is probably my only regret. Therefor, I took all the passion of music that I had and transformed it into sculptures. Since then, I have been inspired by it.

My travels eventually led me to countries such as: French Guyana, Brazil, Argentina, Australia, French Polynesia and I have left an installation in brilliant native colors, an “homage to the local wood”, at nearly every place I have stopped. Though some may decry the use of wood, I explain that I love nature and respect it with a great passion. I try to only use Distressed, found drift and non extinct wood that I find in nature which is why most of my sculptures are made with fallen trees which are resurrected into one-of-a-kind works of fine art, giving life again to the sculptures created from our landscapes.

On the web: www.guillermsculptures.com